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7 Reasons to join the Fellowship

You will get a grassroots understanding of various issues and eco systems.

As a Fellow, you will go beyond a theory of change to apply it in a real context. You will closely interact with the school eco-system – HM, Teachers, Children and the larger community. The first-hand feel of creating change on-ground will help you in understanding the challenges of the real world.

You will gain a deepened understanding of your own abilities as you experience change.

The only way to know yourself better is to put yourself in different and difficult circumstances and see how you react. From acting and reflecting, you will get insights into yourself – you will see old ideas of yourself fade away and find new strengths you didn’t know existed.

You will develop a strengthened peer network which you can leverage on in future.

You will be closely living and working with other fellows during the 2-year program. As you embark on a career of social change, you will find this network of change leaders invaluable.

You will create outer transformation by impacting both school and quality of learning.

How often do you get a chance in your life to change something significant? Imagine, if you transform 5 schools in these 2 years, you will have impacted the lives of children who will study in them forever.

You will have supportive ecosystem.

You will have a coach to guide you in resolving your challenges, get training in the form of induction, field visits & personal reflection workshops and there will be periodic expert reviews to help you understand your areas of improvement. You will receive supervision in rolling out the Academic Support Programme in schools and coaching in honing your own abilities.

You will learn to navigate through a multi-stakeholder system.

To make any social change happen, you must know how to work with different stakeholders. Working with different stakeholders in the school ecosystem will help you navigate any multi-stakeholder system.

You will be able to be articulate a strong Private Dream and find the means to fulfill it.

Working closely with social change and reflecting will help you identify your own private dream. The real-life experience will help you understand how to go about realizing it.

You will become a change leader and thereby hone your Leadership skills.