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Head Masters

Naliniben Popatani

Assistant Administrative Officer

Primary Education School Board (AMC)

“KEF ensures that HM is able to develop a broad understanding towards school & function effectively in their role. KEF workshops are a complementary mechanism in that process.”

Kamla Ben Jadav


Ellisbridge Gujarati Shala

No. 28, Ahmedabad

"Our community is full of stubborn, superstitious people. They don't send their children to school every day because extra hands mean more money. Also, they don't treat education as a life skill. But working with these Gandhi fellows, I see how we can bring in a definite change in the school system."

Mohd. Yoonus Ansari

Saraspur Hindi Shala

No. 2, Ahmedabad

“While working in the program, I experienced that child has became more free in school and learned to create a free environment in the school. Kaivalya gifted a ‘shared-vision’ for my vision regarding school”

Vijya Ben


Mani Nagar Shala

No. 4, Ahmedabad

“After associating with KEF, I made a belief to understand and taught children there is need to make creative method rather than using danda [stick] which I did.”

Madhusudan Bhai

Assistant Administrative Officer

No. 1, Ahmedabad

“Now I feel confident in my work because I realized nothing is impossible but hard work is needed. I am proud to say that I have learnt this from a person much younger than me. After Fellows’ interventions students feel school as their home”