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Learning Journey (LJ): There are three learning journeys woven into the fellowship program.

Learning Journey 1:Social Organisation Visit Fellows will undertake this LJ in group. They will be assigned a group and they will be sent to a state they have not visited before where they will visit 2-3 NGOs to understand how they work, to meet its leadership team and to gain perspective on how the social sector functions there. When Fellows return from the LJ they share their learning with other Fellows.

Learning Journey 2: Vipassana Meditation
The ten days of Vipassana essentially involve a paring down of external stimuli - in order to connect more deeply with your mind, body and self. A vow of “noble silence” is taken on the first day and observed until the eleventh morning. By disengaging verbally with the world outside, you begin to silently engage more with your mind. This creates a space which is free from the usual distractions of our reality so that we purely engage with our own minds and bodies, and observe the impulses, thoughts and sensations which affect the self. The way to liberation is to observe and experience each sensation with compassionate detachment.

Learning Journey 3: This can be an individual or a group learning journey as the Fellow chooses. For this, the Fellow has to research and identify organization/s that is in alignment with one’s long term goals. Fellows will approach these organizations on their own and use this Learning Journey as a way develop their network for future career growth or to get a placement in that organization.