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Make a difference through these fellowships

"Are you one of those who aim to serve the community and reach out to the underprivileged? You could opt for one of these fellowships that will give you hands-on experience of working at the grassroot level"

Hindustan Times, January 22, 2014

Young Change-makers

"I was always interested in social change, being involved in street theatre and activism. But, I was still not clear about what I wanted to commit my life to. After my postgraduation, I joined the Gandhi Fellowship and spent two years in rural Rajasthan. Working with schools gave me the clarity to find my path and the confidence to follow it." - Gitanjali Babbar

Hindustan Times, August 13, 2014

Gandhi Inspires New Age Leaders

"While Mahatma Gandhi may have set up several examples to live by, the most important learning from his life is perhaps being the change we want to see in the world. This is exactly what a handful of individuals have decided to do."

Times of India, Sep 2012

Making Leaders of Headmasters

"Principals of primary schools run by the municipal corporation will be imparted leadership skills aimed at not only improving the quality of education but also to bring a change in the environment around them. Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) plans to impart leadership training to around 300 principals of municipal primary schools in Ahmedabad."

Daily Bhaskar, Sep 2012
Sandesh, Sep 2012

Three Idiots Multiplied

"Entrepreneur Aditya Natraj is taking privileged undergrads to the real India with his ‘Gandhi fellowship programme"

Mumbai Mirror, Feb 2011§id=82&contentid=201102272011022705065672b9d31670

Fellows and Dreamers

"Some of us grew up with dreams. Others had dreams growing on them. Each dream is precious. Once set free, a dream has endless potential to transform those it touches."
- Arpita Bohra

A School For Principals

"Aditya Natraj wants to fix India’s education system—one principal at a time."

Business Outlook India, Sep 2009