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The Program is designed to instill and strengthen the following competencies in the Fellows.

Self-awareness is the primary focus of the fellowship. Self-awareness is a state when a person has clarity over his thoughts and feelings and is able to express it without hurting others’ sentiments. Fellow is guided to use all actions, feelings and thoughts to critically self-reflect. It is a continuous process and when practiced recurrently, it helps to bring solutions to a problem without being stressed by it.

Collaborative Work
The partnership with people and different stakeholders makes a fellow understand the importance of collaborative work. They are trained to easily relate to different people, identify their strengths and galvanize the group to work together. In this context it is also important to have the ability to clearly and emphatically communicate one's authentic thoughts, wishes and feelings with tact in any group through speech and writing.

Influencing without authority
Another major competency that has to be imbibed is the art of ‘influencing without authority’. The fellows engage in leadership development of the headmasters and develop their own leadership skills in the process. The fellow has to learn the skill in order to work in sync with people in existing authoritative role within the systems. Building a relationship with another and Demonstrating an attitude of patience and hope towards people are vital aspects of this competence.

Excellence is a very important criterion to bring about holistic change. Planning through a careful analysis of goals and steps to reach them and taking into account all the resources available and then strategically taking up the task and repeatedly doing it without being distracted by anything else that comes up is instilled in the Fellows.

Articulation of Private Dream
The program facilitates the articulation of a private dream with a strategically grounded vision in the context of the larger public reality in the country. The Fellow is enabled by a stoking of passion to change an existing problem in the system and the capacity to create and roll out a strategically grounded roadmap to achieve it.

Values Articulation
The strategies, planning and all other skills cannot be in proper use unless a fellow is able to articulate their own values during the time of need. The fellow needs to be aware of situations that call for a compromise of one over the other and therefore actively seek out to create a life based on one’s value system. This can only originate from a place of authentic living.