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The PLDP – (Principal Leadership Development Program)
PLDP is being implemented in 1235 schools across 26 zones/blocks in 3 states - Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Over 500+ man-years of experience in staff from top organisations in the education sector like Akanksha, Bodh, Digantar, Azim Premji Foundation, Pratham, UNICEF, Ekalavya has gone into its development, execution and refinement. 356 motivated youth from over 10 Indian states, belonging to different academic and professional backgrounds are implementing the program on the ground as Fellows. The following are the main components of the outer journey.

Daily Head Master (HM) Visit - The Daily HM visit is a key activity of the Fellow. The Fellow will be trained effectively by the Operations Team in the PLDP and the details of how to interact with HMs, how to assess the direction they will take, how to modulate communication with them. The Fellow has to build a relationship with the HM, win his trust and get the HM to do things that the PLDP prescribes. Fellow begin to recognize their own pattern of influencing and build upon it. Influencing others is the key component of leadership.