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Kaivalya’s vision of school change has been largely inspired by the work of Dr. Michael Fullan who is an expert in education leadership and school change. The bedrock of our programs lies in theory of school change suggested by Dr. Fullan. Here are a list of few articles and books that may be fruitful in the understanding of school leadership and change in the context of Kaivalya and Dr. Fullan.

References / Articles

Principal is the strongest agent for school change. Empowering the principal is the quickest route to sustainable school change. In this article, Dr. Fullan shares his ideas on school leadership in context of principal change.

The Awesome Power of a Principal

To effect sustainable change in a school system, it is important to view change using bottom up and top bottom approaches. Here Dr. Fullan expands on the idea of tri-level reform in school, community or district, and at state level.

The Role of the District in Tri Level Reform

System transformation cannot be assured without a solid stream of capable leaders at all levels. This article explains the importance of raising more and more capable leaders across our school systems to cause sustainable impact.

Leadership and Sustainability

How can we produce more effective leadership? This article focuses on the critical nature of effective leadership and school capacity. To understand school capacity, we first need to identify the qualities and skills we require to foster capable school leaders.

The Role of the Head in School Reform

The role of a principal as a central figure is pivotal in promoting or inhibiting change. What are the guidelines should a principal follow to lead change more effectively? This article provides an in-depth analysis based on leadership and school reform.

The Role of the Principal in School Reform


1. The Moral Imperative of School Leadership

The role of the principal is pivotal to systemic school change. This is the fundamental message in this book examines the moral purpose of school leadership and its critical role in "changing the context" in which the role is embedded. It calls for principals to become agents and articulates the principal's role as one in which principals figure prominently both within their school and within the larger school system that surrounds them.
Published by Corwin Press, 2003

2. Change Leader: Learning to Do What Matters Most

The book focuses on the core practices of leadership that are vital for leading in today's complex world. He outlines the six practices that differentiate a powerful leader from one who is merely competent. It is based on the argument that powerrful leaders have built bedrocks of credibility, have learned how to identify the few things that matter most, and know how to leverage their skills in ways that benefit their entire organization.
Published by Jossey-Bass 2011